Jerri Udelson

master certified coach  |  (505) 988-5533

Choose the Coaching Option that Best Fits Your Needs

Individual One-On-One Coaching services are customized for each client. They are generally delivered in-person or on the telephone. There is a monthly fee for three 30 to 40 minute sessions each month, with additional coaching (at no additional charge) by e-mail or fax as needed.

Group Coaching (in-person and tele-classes) is available on a variety of topics, including “Creating Your Best Year Ever” and “Growing Your Real Estate Business While Having a Life.” Call for more information:

Workshops and Seminars can be customized for your business or corporate needs. Past seminars have included “Managing Money, Time And Clutter,” “Staying on Track: Are You Heading in the Right Direction, Building Momentum or Losing Steam?” and “The Power Of Intention.”