Jerri Udelson

master certified coach  |  (505) 988-5533

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Jerri has been a fantastic addition to my life. That’s correct. Now I have a life. Prior to her coaching, my life constantly revolved around my work schedule which was 24/7. This imbalance was unhealthy for my attitude, stress level, and overall motivation. Jerri has helped to bring balance back to my life. Business has increased tremendously and I now have the opportunity to spend quality time with my family. Thanks Jerri.

Hans Brings
Broker/VP, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Top Ten Massachusetts Agent since 2001

Action is better than no action according to Jerri as she pointed the way for me to get back into the world of work following my retirement. She helped me identify a series of manageable steps that led me to my two current interests—literacy tutor and grant writing. She’s fun, has lots of ideas and I have referred her to many friends and colleagues.

Jerri is so upbeat and has so many ideas I never felt like we were working during the coaching sessions. She helped me develop a plan of action broken down into small manageable chunks with weekly check-ins. Because of her, my life is more rewarding since I plunged back into the world of work as a grant writer—following an early retirement—and as a volunteer literacy tutor.

Freya Olafson, MPH

Working with Jerri Udelson for the past 8 years has been a great help to me, both professionally and personally. Not only does Jerri have a great grasp of all facets of entrepreneurism, she also has in-depth knowledge of my specific business, real estate brokerage. Jerri is able to help me see the big picture of running a business. I have come to rely on her help to focus and to set priorities in my work and my personal life. Jerri stresses the need for balance between work and home, and I particularly value her nudging in this area, because I would otherwise neglect the other parts of my life.

Thalia Tringo
President, Thalia Tringo & Associates Real Estate

I entered the coaching relationship with Jerri Udelson with specific goals that centered on setting intentions, living in the present and sharpening my focus on the financial side of my business. I appreciate the qualities, depth of experience and passion Jerri brings to our coaching as a caring person and accomplished coach. What I most appreciate about Jerri is that she holds the attention on what is important to me while at the same time opening new possibilities and keeping me focused on my life balance. I love her coaching style, which is light, focused and challenging. Thank you Jerri for being my guide, challenger, and cheerleader on my path to financial independence!

Elisabeth Gortschacher, MCC, MBA, BEd
Founder of E.E.G. Coaching Pty Ltd, Legacy Creators Worldwide and
Politics At Ground Zero NSW, Australia

Jerri was fantastic, she made me see more clearly the path to obtain my goals. I reached a new level of production, with rescuing my need for personal, social and family time. Jerri taught me balance and success can go hand in hand! Thanks Jerri

Laura Baliestiero
Vice President, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

I worked with Jerri twice. My first coaching sessions were during a busy real estate market. Jerri helped me schedule my time, so that I could have a life outside of real estate. She also had creative marketing ideas which helped me generate more of the business I wanted. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them.

The second time I worked with Jerri was when I was thinking about changing careers. After a few sessions I realized it was not what I wanted. If she hadn’t structured a plan for me to follow in the planning process I may have made a mistake without thinking things through.

Working with Jerri was a pleasant experience. She was warm and friendly, yet very professional. She was knowledgeable and I was grateful that I had someone who thought differently than myself and outside of the box (my box).

I would highly recommend her and use her again.

Patty Arpin
Boston, MA