How to Create Business During the Holidays

Even Though You’d Rather Be Shopping, Eating, Drinking, or Relaxing.

Actually, You Can Do It All!

The holidays are fast approaching. For most real estate agents and other self-employed individuals, business slows down as people focus on preparing for the holidays or going on vacation.

This is a great time to create business for 2023. While most agents are in holiday mode, taking time off to go shopping and socialize, now is the perfect time to:

  1. Call/text/email or DM all of the people in your sphere of influence. Set aside an hour or two every morning, sit down with a cup of coffee, and contact everyone with whom you’ve done business, everyone who has referred you business, and everyone with whom you would like to do business.

    The number of contacts can range from hundreds to thousands.  

    Leave a message saying, “Hello.  This is ________ from _______.  I’m calling to let you know I’m thinking of you and to wish you and your family Happy Holidays.” 

    Or, “Hello. This is ________ from _______.  I’m calling to thank you for your business and to wish you and your family Happy Holidays.” 

    Make each call short and upbeat. It’s a reminder of your relationship with the people in your business life—not an opportunity to prospect.
  2. Send holiday cards (and perhaps small gifts such as chocolates, cookies, candles, or paperwhite or amaryllis growing kits) with personal, handwritten notes to people with whom you are working as well as past clients and customers.
  3. Send holiday gifts to your top clients and customers and to those who have referred business to you this year. Bottles of wine, flowers, custom gift baskets, and gift certificates/cards to fine dining restaurants are always appreciated. Stay away from branded gifts like pens, datebooks and calendars.
  4. Schedule holiday lunches or drinks with people in your sphere to thank them for their business.
  5. Plan a client appreciation party for top-referring clients.
  6. Stay in business mode while others in your office are in holiday mode. You may get clients whose agents are on vacation and receive calls from buyers who have more time to look at properties.

    While there is less inventory this year, sellers who have listed their properties are more motivated, as are buyers. And listings look great when decorated for the holidays.
  7. Finally, schedule time off to enjoy the season. Have a midweek massage, go shopping first thing one morning (after you’ve made your holiday calls), have a special night out with your partner. You deserve to take care of yourself.  

Yes, you can do it all!  Just don’t neglect your business during the holiday season. It’s the best time to reconnect with and thank the people who have contributed to your success. And it’s the perfect time to set yourself up for a terrific 2023!

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!