My Approach to Coaching

I’m Jerri Udelson, Master Certified Coach. My coaching helps you achieve what you desire both personally and professionally. I specialize in helping my clients stay focused on their own priorities and produce results quickly, easily, and joyfully.

For over twenty-five years I’ve been working with

  • Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed Professionals and Others who want to create great businesses and design lives they love.
  • Realtors® and other Real Estate Professionals who want to become more successful and have lives outside of work.
  • People in Career Transition who seek to reinvent themselves and/or create a more satisfying and meaningful retirement.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative and highly effective process for creating a business or career that is focused on what’s most important to you —

  • Your Unique Skills and Talents
  • Your Deepest Passions
  • Your Innate Values
  • Your Fondest Dreams

so that you can enjoy a life that’s fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful.

As a coach, I actively listen to your goals and dreams, helping you clarify your values and your priorities.

Then we will work together to design realistic, achievable action steps to help you move quickly toward your goals. I will also provide something that you may not have right now: a solid structure for growth, along with support and constructive feedback to help you stay on track and laser-focused as you move forward.

As a consultant, I offer professional advice and problem-solving skills—along with finely honed intuition—and a myriad of resources that will help you achieve your goals easily and strategically.

My coaching is results-oriented.

If you want to…

  • Grow your business easily and effectively
  • Regain the passion and joy you once had for your work
  • Move forward quickly in areas in which you’ve been stuck
  • Find a career or a new direction that is meaningful to you
  • Become more productive so that you have more time for yourself
  • Create a fulfilling life outside of work

Then you’ve come to the right place.

the key to success

You Can Achieve Tremendous Levels of Success When You Have Mastery of Three Key Areas of Your Life:

1  Goal Setting and Accomplishment

We often put our personal and professional dreams on hold while we manage our daily lives. This, more than anything else, is what derails most people’s ambitions before they even get started.

I will help you clarify and focus on your goals and priorities. This is key to creating success. Together we’ll break your goals into discrete, manageable, easily accomplished steps that you can incorporate into your daily schedule. In this way, major life goals are more easily realized.

2  Time Management

Activity is not the same thing as productivity. Being busy is not the same as being effective.

One cannot “manage” time; at best, we can maximize our use of it. How you spend your time ought to reflect what’s most important to you. Sometimes the best use of your time is organizing your thoughts or reviewing your to-do list the night before work. Sometimes the best use of your time is to take a nap.

3  Peak Energy

We each have periods during the day when our energy levels are at their peak. Because no two people are alike, I will help you discover your own individual peak energy periods and show you how to use those times for maximum results.

When you are able to harness your peak energy periods, you will quickly discover that you can accomplish a much higher quality of work in less time.

If you want to create results in your life. If you want to move ahead in your business and you’re willing to do what’s necessary to get there…

…if you want to live your life in harmony with your unique skills and talents…

…if you want the life you’ve always dreamed of having, then…