What Clients Have Said

Jerri is my coach and has been an instrumental part of my personal and business growth over the last three years. Jerri has the patience of a saint and the tenacity of a Pitbull! She is an amazing asset and wonderful person. I think you will love her.

Brendan Ward

Boston-area Attorney

Thank you for being a sounding board and helping me organize my thoughts and prioritize my to-do list. Life is much smoother now.
Thanks again for everything. Speaking with you really helped.


Marin County, CA

Working with you as my coach has been a great experience. You help me see my business and my approach in a whole new light. I’m so lucky to work with you!

Brendan L. Ward, Esq.

Trusts and Estate and Real Estate Conveyancing Attorney, Cherry Tree Legal, PLLC, Lynn, MA

Jerri has been exactly what I needed in my life to help direct me on a path of exploration. She helped me figure out my strengths and passions in pursuit of a fulfilling life. Jerri coached me over 18 years ago to find balance in my life. Now she has guided me to visualize and strategize towards a second career. She also helped me reconnect with my passion for horses and how to make that happen in a manner that would fit into my life. She is upbeat, energetic and full of helpful ideas that motivated me to move forward. She has been a wonderful coach. I am so grateful that I connected with her after many years.

P. Hadjebi

Healthcare Professional and former Realtor®, Sanibel, Florida

Jerri is amazing. She has helped me create a successful business and I love working with her.

Thalia Tringo

President,Thalia Tringo & Associates Real Estate

Jerri has been a fantastic addition to my life. That’s correct. Now I have a life. Prior to her coaching, my life constantly revolved around my work schedule, which was 24/7. This imbalance was unhealthy for my attitude, stress level, and overall motivation. Jerri has helped to bring balance back to my life. Business has increased tremendously and I now have the opportunity to spend quality time with my family.

Hans Brings

Coldwell Banker Realty Top Ten Massachusetts Agent since 2001

Working with Jerri provides me with objective advice and direction. I know I can talk to her about anything. She has a soothing way of communicating that helps reduce my stress. As a business owner, there are many challenges. As a working mom, there is a lot of multitasking. Jerri truly helps keep me focused. She has given me the confidence to try new things to grow my practice and her conviction in my success is truly appreciated.

Hillary Koritz Price, AEP®, CLU, ChFC

Koritz Wealth Strategies, LLC

I was really struggling about leaving my senior management position that I held for over nine years, so I sought out the assistance of Jerri Udelson. I really felt that I had nowhere to go, and feeling pretty helpless with a decision that needed to be made, I thought that engaging with a coach was my best, and only positive option.

Immediately, Jerri and I connected – she totally ‘got me’ and that was huge for me. I had no one who understood my career paths and what changes I needed to make to be safe and engaged with ‘my future self.’

Only after a short three months moving through Jerri’s process, we came up with a transition plan from ‘retirement’ to a full-on business that I was already doing ‘on the side.’ I was able to resign with a month’s notice, and all the while, ramp up a side business into a full-time effort that I could conduct remotely! I highly recommend Jerri to help you, too!

Santa Fe Client

I have had the pleasure of working with Jerri since 2014, and I owe a lot of my success to her! She’s helped me write my business plan and increase my business greatly. She guides me and pushes me out of my comfort zone to try new strategies and reach new levels of production. Her book (with Ken Tutunjian) is wonderful!

Stephen Burdick

Graphic Designer

A friend had worked with Jerri and raved about her. I called, and we worked regularly for ten months. She asks good questions and helped figure out what I wanted to do. Then she helped me winnow it down. She had me really describe what I envisioned, and putting it into words helped crystallize it.

Laura Baliestiero

Luxury Agent, Coldwell Banker Realty

I entered the coaching relationship with Jerri Udelson with specific goals that centered on setting intentions, living in the present and sharpening my focus on the financial side of my business.

I appreciate the qualities, depth of experience and passion Jerri brings to our coaching as a caring person and accomplished coach. What I most appreciate about her is that she holds the attention on what is important to me while at the same time opening new possibilities and keeping me focused on my life balance. I love her coaching style, which is light, focused and challenging. Thank you, Jerri, for being my guide, challenger, and cheerleader on my path to financial independence!

Elisabeth Gortschacher, MCC, MBA

Founder of Legacy Creators Worldwide and Politics at Ground Zero, NSW, Australia